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A great Kite Builder and Kite Flyer from New Zealand: Richard Wotton!

Three weeks before we started to the Kite Festival at Fanø in 2005 I got a mail from NZ with the question if I could build a 210/2 Roloplan for a certain Richard which would come to Fanø too. After some moments respite I wrote back: Yes I will do! And so we met Richard and his wonderful wife Dalwyne the first time at Fanø in June 2005. They came with their bikes to our accommodation and in this moment I remembered the stories of the biker couple some friends told me years ago. It was a great “Hello” and some minutes later we talked about Kites – specially Steiff Kites -  in our living room with a good bottle of Australian red wine. And then came the moment Richard got his first Roloplan made in our small workshop. One hour later Richard was much exited to fly the first time his new kite. After this first meeting we came together nearly every day during the festival.

Some days after our return from Fanø I got  an e-mail from Richard  with the request for some brass connectors and a little bit fabric to build another Roloplan. He was really infected by the “Roloplan – virus” (I think there is no medicine round the world against this virus). And every time, when he had a new kite I got photos. Now Richard is the greatest Roloplan builder in the southern hemisphere.

And then in 2008, when our book about the 17 unknown kites of Richard Steiff was published, Richard Wotton got one of the first books. Since that time Richard spends lots of time making all the kites from this book and I believe that he is one of the people which build the most of this unknown Richard Steiff kites.

Here you can see all the pictures of the historic Steiff kites he made!

Richard is the Greatest!